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  1. Mini Bullrider Wyatt Johnson at the Isle of County Fair 2017
  2. 2331- Extra Loud and Brandon Chambers
  3. 840-Recreational Use ABBI#10226875 ET Bull Sire: Stone Sober Dam: Miss Somethin' Bad (Panhandle Slim)
  4. 106-ABBI#10062561 Sire: Reindeer Dippin Dam: Wolfman Dtr
  5. 017-Cash Out 2x High Marked SEBRA Finals Short Round Bull Gage Gay 89pts.
  6. Chad Vanamburg vs. Cash Out
  7. 107- Choppin Block vs. Garrett Ryals
  8. 162 Cock Your Hammer- Son of Astroid Available for the 2018 breeding season

2018 Heifers For Sale

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