Upcoming Events

  1. JUL 25-26
    London County Fair
    • 7:00 pm Kids Preshow Events • 8:00 pm SHOWTIME • Sebra Bullriding, Barrel Racing, Mini Bullriding, Mutton Bustin • $1800 Added Bullriding • $700 Added Barrel Racing(15 Each Day) • Buckles to SEBRA Average Winners • Please, NO DOGS.
  2. AUG 8
    South Hampton Fairgrounds Extreme Bull Pit
    • 7:30 Showtime • SEBRA Bullriding 15 head Showdown • $750 ADDED
  3. AUG 31
    Sims Farm
    • Gates Open 6pm Showtime 8pm • Hwy. 460w. Forest, VA • Bullriding 16LR 6 SR $1000 Added, Barrelracing Unlimited $500 • Mini Bulls • True Grit Rookies
  4. SEP 13-15
    Isle of Wight County Fair
    • Showtime 13th 6pm • Showtime 14th 6pm • Showtime 15th 1pm • 21311 Courthouse Hwy. Windsor, VA 23487 • Added Money Bulls $2100 Barrels $750 • Bullriding, Barrel Racing, Mini Bulls
  5. NOV 15
    Shenandoah Valley Equine Fair Augusta Expo Center
    • 277 Expo Rd. Fishersville, VA 2299 • Showtime 7pm • Bullriding 20Hd Shootout $1000 Added • Mini Bulls
  6. JUL 19
    Madison County Fair
    • Showtime 8pm • 1015 Fairgrounds Rd. Madison, VA 22727 • $500+Added SEBRA Bulls • Mini Bullriding • 20 Head Shootout • True Grit Rookies
  7. DEC 6/7
    True Grit's "Money Barrel"
    • Showtime, 7:30pm • Olde Dominion Ag Complex • 19783 Hwy. 29 Chatham, Va 24531 • Unlimited Barrel Racers $1000 Added • Please Reserve Stalls w/ODAC $50 weekend 434-432-8026 • $10 Exhibitions • NO OVERNIGHT TIE OUT
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Event Opportuniies
We are professional showmen that specialize in Western Themed Entertainment. True Grit Rodeo takes pride in our work whether in a coliseum, horse arena or a hayfield we aim to please!!! If you have an idea we can make it a reality.


This is an action packed 1 hour event.


True Grit Rodeo will match our Best Cowboys to the Best Bulls for an extreme hour of entertainment. This event doesn't take up as much space as a traditional Rodeo and may not be suitable for your event. Approximate size of Arena 50'x100'
The Extreme Bull Pit
This is top shelf of our entertainment!

This event will last Approx. 2 hours and consist of a Formal American Flag Presentation, Bullriding, Barrelracing, Mini Bullriding and a Specialty Act!! This event won us the 2014 SEBRA EVENT of THE YEAR!! and 2018 SEBRA OUTDOOR EVENT OF THE YEAR This is a larger setup taking up Approx. 180'x120'
Premium Extreme Bullriding/Barrelracing Event
​This is the most common event for our customers. This event will last Approx. 2 hours and consist of a Formal American Flag Presentation, Bullriding, Barrelracing and your choice of one more western event. This is a larger setup taking up Approx. 180'x120' our arena can be setup in many different sizes and shapes. We fit on most standard truck/tractor pull tracks.
Standard Extreme Bullriding/Barrelracing Event
This is an event based off of the working Cowboy. Teams of 3 mounted horseback riders compete in numerous competitions that they could encounter on any given day working the ranch. The riders must work together in order to win each event. This event was performed at the 2018 State Fair of Virginia!
True Grit's Ranch Rodeo