About Us

True Grit Rodeo was started in 1998 by a couple of friends looking for excitement. Little did they know that 20+ years later it would be a family tradition. We are an award-winning company that takes pride in what we do. True Grit is a longtime member of the Southern Extreme Bullriding Association, this helps guarantee quality contestants.

Bullriding, Barrel Racing, Mini Bullriding, and Mutton Busting are the primary events at our shows. We are capable of providing any type of Western Sports entertainment. If you can think it, we can do it. True Grit provides western entertainment for fans in MD, NC, WV, and Va, but we are always willing to travel further.

Here at True Grit Rodeo our family and our Rodeo family put our passion into every one of our events. Cowboys and Cowgirls strive to be professional inside and out of our arena. We are proud of our commitment to creating fun entertainment for all ages with memories that will last a lifetime.

We are proud to call Click Thompson a friend and have him as a member of our rodeo family. Please check out his photos of our events.  https://www.clickthompson.com

We are proud supporters of the future of the sport. Our mini bullriders have a chance to be members of this great association. International Miniature Bullriders  http://www.internationalminiaturebullriders.com

Ricky Simpson is a local photographer to us that does an amazing job!! He enjoys sports as well as wildlife. Please go see his work.  https://www.ssdsigns.com